6 Back To School Tips For Moms

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Schools are back and moms don’t know whether to be happy they get to have a few hours to themselves or sad because they miss their kids too much – a truly bittersweet feeling. Regardless, having your kids away at school doesn’t pause your mom-sibilities (responsibilities ?).


After you get done with the back-to-school season, comes the during school season where you become a part-time teacher while still being a full-time mommy. Apart from the regular day-to-day mommy duties like waking them up, preparing breakfast, dropping them off, etc., there are a few other things that could help you and your kids have a smooth sailing school year.


First and foremost, considering the pandemic that we are all experiencing, you should be very careful with your child’s safety at school. While you were able to protect them at home during the summer holiday and while they are attending school remotely, this year, with kids going back to the school premises you should be extra cautious.


This means educating your kids about the regulations they should be following and most importantly why they should be following them. Kids love to know the why behind everything as they are growing and exploring the world around them. So, make sure they understand that the precautions they should take like wearing their mask, sanitizing their hand, and maintaining social distance are preventing them from catching the virus.


Once you’ve got their safety on lock, you can focus on the other aspects. Here are 6 helpful tips to help you through this coming year:


1- Be a Proactive Parent

Explore the school and get familiar with the teachers and the premises. Find out the school’s activity calendar and ask if they would need parents to participate or host any events or activities. Your connection with the school will allow you to be more in-tune with your child daily. Knowing what events the school will be hosting can help you plan ahead and be prepared.


2- Expand Their Non-Academic Activities

Going to school should be more than just learning English, Maths, and Science, it should be about developing your child’s character and setting him on the path of his choosing. Focusing solely on academic excellence might not be the right way to go for some kids, which is why after-school activities can be beneficial to allow your kids to find what they are good at and let them use their time wisely.


3- Give Them Good Fuel

Never underestimate the power of good food in giving your child the energy kick they need to power through their day. A healthy body can help their brain function better and put them in a good mood during the day. We know that schools in Dubai start a bit too early and sometimes squeezing in breakfast at home might not be possible. However, try your best to get them to have breakfast before they start their day and pack them a healthy snack like fruits or vegetables in their lunch box for when they feel peckish.


4- Listen to What They Have to Say

Make a habit of communicating with your kids when they get back to school, learn more about their day, their friends, and what they learned in school. This will help you connect better with them and also stay updated on any new occurrences in school. Let them feel like home is a safe space where they can be themselves and talk about anything they want. This will help ease your worry about the 8 hours they spend away from home.


5- Establish an After School Routine

We know how dawning it can get trying to have your kids finish their homework as they get back from school. But nagging them and yelling at them to finish it will not help, rather it will cause more tension between you and the kid. We recommend establishing a healthy after-school routine that allows them to take their well-deserved break from school while also accomplishing the tasks they need to get done before the next school day. You can incentivize them with toys, TV time, or a fun activity on the weekend given that they finish their homework on time after school.


6- Lend Them a Helping Hand

Some kids prefer to feel independent and work on their own but other kids like to be guided and prefer hands-on learning. Taking time away from your day to sit down with your kids and ‘learn’ with them can help your child grasp the information faster. Be careful not to end up doing their homework for them! Instead, make sure they are undistracted, ask questions that might help them understand better, and explain to them what they may have not understood from their teachers.


We understand that kids are not all the same and every parent will have their own mechanisms and routines with their children. If these tips were helpful for you, share them with your mommy friends and spread the knowledge. ?

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