A Day in The Life of a Working Mom

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baby care

For most people, the day starts with the screeching sound of their alarm reminding them of the day that waits ahead. But for working moms, their kids and responsibilities are their morning reminders… that’s if they actually manage to get a good night’s sleep ?


In light of Mother’s Day, which we happily celebrated a few days ago, today we honour the working moms across the globe. Let’s highlight their daily achievements, sacrifices, and beyond amazing powers to juggle the house, the kids, and their jobs. Join us on this journey of a working mom during a typical day in her life. A day we all, as moms, can relate to on a very close level.


As the sun rises to give us a new day, so does our working mom. She rises out of bed with new-found energy and enthusiasm to conquer the day. Her mommy instincts kick in first as she checks up on her sleeping kids and rushes to prepare their breakfast and lunch meals, so they are fed and healthy.


Without a need to check the clock, she heads to the kids to wake them up for school and to make sure her husband is ready to head out for work. This is when her other side; the working side, comes out to shine. Now, she’s rushing from the bathroom to the closet preparing her clothes and getting ready for a workday ahead.


Despite giving her 100% with her kids, she still has a lingering feeling of guilt as she leaves for her 9-6 job at the office. She wonders ‘do I give them enough care?’ ‘am I giving them the attention they need?’ and the big one ‘am I a good mom?’. These thoughts are soon drowned by the cluster of emails and calls she’s bombarded with as soon as she sets foot in her office.


Tapping into her well of perseverance and determination, she kickstarts her working day with a smile. While she’s drafting responses, making her calls, and managing her team, she’s also planning the rest of the day. As for a working mom, her day doesn’t end with the rush hour at 6 pm, that’s when the next phase of her day starts.


She’s now on a mission to pick her kids from practice, take them to buy stationery, prepare for dinner, and most importantly hear all about their day. Surprisingly, the exhaustion from her long day at work vanishes as she sets her eyes on her little ones. The sight of her kids smiling at her and telling her stories about their adventures during the day makes it all worth it.


As the night settles in, she gets her kids ready for bed. She’s at the last stretch of the day, but not quite done yet. Harnessing the peace and quiet around the house with everyone asleep, she harvests the last bundle of energy she has to tidy up the house and set her plan for the next day ahead. With the last plate from the dishes cleaned, she checks off her list for the day and heads to bed excited to start it all over again with another sunrise.


We truly appreciate all working moms for their dedication and commitment. You are role models for generations to come, whether they are boys or girls, for you are the real world’s superheroes with powers beyond our comprehension. Keep surprising the world with what you achieve daily. Celebrate your fellow working moms and gift them a little surprise for their home, kitchen, baby, or wellness as a recognition of their hard work and compassion!

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