Explore the Mummy Specials on My Home Closet

March 21st may be the universal Mother’s Day, but we celebrate mothers every day! We learn to love, persevere, and give without expecting anything in return from our mothers. They are the beacon of light that guides our lives, they are the spring of tenderness that gives us warmth, and they are the never-ending love that keeps us going.


From single mums, to stay home mums and working mums, we take this chance to send you the biggest hugs and warmest wishes. A round of applause to you for being you, and for raising generations. MHC, is a mummy-based business catering to mums by a mum.


We believe that every mum is looking for different, unique and trusted products to have in her house. As we set our plan to grow and reach more homes around the GCC, we ensure that our quality remains uncompromised. Maryam, a mum first and MHC founder second, set her goal to make all mummy and baby essentials just a tap away for mums like her in the region.


MHC became a portal for high quality products that aid mums in all aspects of motherhood. Our products include skincare for when mums have their ‘me time’, essentials for when they want to be mum on the go, baby must-haves for when they want to treat their little angel, and much much more.


Here are some of our favourites for mummies, take a scroll and let us know which one i s your favourite!

Mummy Essentials

Baby Must-Haves

Mummy ‘Me Time’

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One thought on “Explore the Mummy Specials on My Home Closet

  1. sarosh says:

    Amazinc and Sayu interesed me! Added to my wishlist 🙂

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