How to Juggle Work and Kids: Fun Time Edition

my home closet writing board
my home closet writing board

Hey there working mom, this one’s for you. We understand every working mom’s struggle of juggling between doing her best at work and being the best mom she could be for her kids after her 9-5. We are here to tell you that you don’t have to fret!


There is no need for the feeling of guilt that washes over you when you feel tired or when you would feel like being alone after a long day at work. This is normal! You work hard and you deserve to rest, taking breaks every now and then is normal


So, now that we are past that let’s see how you can factor in all 3; working hard, resting sometimes, and having time for your little one.


First and foremost you need to make sure that you are giving your body the 8 hours of sleep it needs to function properly. This will help you wake up with a jolt of energy to tackle your workday efficiently.


Next up, food! Are you getting your 3 standard meals of the day? Food is what keeps us going as it is our source of energy. Starting your day with breakfast gives you the energy for the first half of the day. Followed by a hearty lunch that refuels your tank to be able to finish off your work and head home to your kids with leftover energy to spend some evening time with them.


Last but not least, dinner can be a small refuel before bed to give you that much-needed spark to finish off the day and get your kids to bed before you power off as well. If you follow this system then you will be able to set aside some time after work almost every day of the week to spend some fun time with your kids. 


The good news is that just as much as you’re tired and drained your kids probably are too. They have been at their preschool/school jumping, running, and playing. This means your evening time with them will not be as action-packed as you think. A simple game or toy that you both play with can be everything your kid wants.


We have just the kind of toys that would make for a perfect workday evening fun time with the kids. Our Toys collection is filled with all kinds of toys and activities that your kids would love and enjoy, have a look through and perhaps add some to your cart for the weekend.


Here are our suggestions of toys for some downtime play:


Read it! Make it! Write it!

Read it! Make it! Write it!


Read it! Make it! Write it!

Math Board


Read it! Make it! Write it!

Al Ostoura Educational Toys – Rainbow Tower


Read it! Make it! Write it!

Al Ostoura Educational Toys – Hand Catch Puzzle Digit


Remember that regardless of what toy or activity you end up doing, your kid will be happy because he/she gets to spend time with you. On the days you feel like a ‘me time’ is more of what you need, call in super dad to step in while super mom recharges!


We love hearing from you, let us know in the comments how you like to spend your day with your kids.

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