Preparing The Nursery Room For Your New Baby

baby care
baby care

As you carry your precious baby for nine months, your excitement grows as big as your tummy, if not more. You start planning and preparing your house to welcome the little one, from baby-proofing to adding the last piece of accessory to the nursery room. We understand how exciting it can be for new mommies to buy those tiny clothes, paint the room, and find just the right furniture for the nursery.


First and foremost, make sure you are aware of your space and utilize it properly. Measure out the nursery to help you visualize where the essential pieces of the room can go. From there you can shop for the bed, the portable diaper station, the resting chair, and the cupboard knowing the exact sizes you will need for the room.


 Consider having a focal point to the room, this will allow you to avoid cluttering the room with big pieces and help you establish the main spot in the room. Usually, the focus is the baby’s crib or the play area, choose whichever feels more comfortable for you. If the room has a large window, it is recommended to keep the crib on the opposite side, this way the baby will have a good amount of sunlight during the day and you will prevent unwanted accidents by keeping your little baby away from the window. 


When choosing your baby’s bed you have to make sure it is comfortable on their head and delicate bodies. Since Dubai is known for its hot weather during the majority of the year, it is wise to invest in a Baby Crib with a Mosquito Net to keep those pesky insects away from your baby. While your hug will always be warm and soft enough for your little ones, don’t forget to get a handful of soft baby blankets to help them drift easily to sleep.


Plan the room for the long run, consider furniture that can be used even when your baby boy or girl are little grown toddlers. For example, having a changing station is very practical but you might get more use out of a dresser with ample space on top to use as a changing station. This way you can have your diaper essentials laid out on the dresser, like the SebaMed Wet Wipesand the Disposable Changing Mat.


Once the essentials are all sorted, it comes the time to decorate the room so it looks as cute as your baby! Here is a collection of Nursery Room Accessories that you just must-have for your baby:

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