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Creative Cooking Shovel

16.56 AED

Creative Wooden Kitchen Food Tongs

32.00 AED

Convenient Cake Tester – 2pcs

12.00 AED

Weighing Spoon Scale Kitchen Tool – Black

28.00 AED

Dough Cutting Scraper – 3pcs

10.00 AED

Stainless Steel Flour Powder Filter Spoon

8.50 AED

Bamboo Salad Hands Bowl Servers Tosser Claws

30.00 AED

Color Pattern Silicone Scraper Cake Pastry Spatula

23.00 AED

Wooden Handle Pastry Batter Mixing Scraper – Blue

16.00 AED

Bread Cutter French Bread Blades Kitchen Gadgets

32.00 AED

Silicone Scraper Spatula – 2pcs

50.00 AED

Silicone Scraper Heat-Resistant Spatula Turnner

15.00 AED25.00 AED

Chef Cooking Helper Tool Countertop Marble Spoon Holder – white

80.00 AED

Heat Resistant Silicone Utensil Set – 6pcs

110.00 AED

Flat Spatula for House Cooking Serving Heat Resistant Non-Stick 3 Pack

211.00 AED

Salad Servers, Handcrafted Wooden Utensils, Set Spoon & Fork

85.00 AED

Set of 4 Home Acrylic Spice Container Jar

50.00 AED

ORiTi – Reusable Zip Lock Storage Bags – 10 pack

70.00 AED

High-Temperature Resistant Glass Coffee Maker – 1000ml

110.00 AED

Hario V60 Pour Over Coffee Starter Kit, Size 02, Clear

175.00 AED

Disposable Coffee Cone Brown Paper – 100pcs

50.00 AED

Lazy Susan Turntable Spinning Organizer – 2 Pack

120.00 AED

Wood Rotating Table Top Spice Organizer for Kitchen Countertop, Pantry, Dining Tables,

97.50 AED

Clear Stackable Pantry Food Storage – 6 pcs

107.00 AED

Sinkboss – Portable Drying Rack

121.05 AED

Ecolyte+ – Ultrasonic Digital Humidifier – 5.8L

449.00 AED

Ecolyte+ 5L Electric ULV Cold Fogger Sprayer – Blue

899.00 AED

Ecolyte+ – Fogger Machine Disinfectant

999.00 AED

Ecolyte – Bleach – 5 Litre

60.00 AED

Ecolyte – Ovencleaner – 5 Litre

60.00 AED

Ecolyte – All Purpose Cleaner Plus Disinfectant 5 Litre

60.00 AED

Ecolyte – Dishwashing Liquid (Lemon) – 5Litre

60.00 AED

Ecolyte – Liquid Hand Soap (Rose Fragrance) – 5 Litre

60.00 AED

Ecolyte – Glass Cleaner

10.00 AED

ECOLYTE+ – Hand Sanitizer 250ML Gel with Pump Bottle

10.00 AED

ECOLYTE+ – Hand Sanitizer Gel 70% Alcohol with Moisturizer

2.00 AED500.00 AED

Ecolyte+ – Disinfectant Bundle of three

20.00 AED260.00 AED

Ecolyte+ – Air Pressure Type Water Sprayer Kettle for Garden Lawn Plant Irrigation – Yellow 2L

18.00 AED

Ecolyte – Nano Sprayer, Handheld Rechargeable Blue Light 380ml

55.00 AED

Ecolyte- Disinfectant Nano Sprayer with Ecolyte Multi-Surface – 100% Natural (2x500ml)

75.00 AED

Ecolyte – Disinfectant for Multi-Surface 100% Natural

10.00 AED130.00 AED

Ecolyte – Meat & Seafood Disinfectant 100% Natural

9.00 AED127.00 AED

Ecolyte – Disinfectant for Fruits & Vegetables 100% Natural

10.00 AED130.00 AED

Citron – Coffee Mug – 420ml

105.00 AED

Citron – Coffee Mug – 370ml

95.00 AED

Beaba – Air Purifier – Filter

211.50 AED

Beaba – Air Purifier

953.10 AED

Wooden Acacia Salad Servers with Salad Spoon and Fork Set

79.00 AED

Explore The World Of Home And Kitchen Products Online

Modern lifestyles need modern solutions. Our unique range of home and kitchen products will add a touch of convenience and style to your homes. Buying high-quality home and kitchen products online is a guaranteed method to improve your UAE lifestyle and turn your home into an appealing and efficient living.

Everything from daily essentials to stylish and practical solutions is available on my home closet website.

  • Bamboo Bread Slicer
  • Cheese Knives with Bamboo
  • Multifunction Kitchen Storage
  • Cabilock Wooden Toaster
  • Multipurpose Holder
  • Salt and Peppers Shakers
  • Measuring Cups and Spoons
  • Glass Condominents Containers
  • Kitchen Cabinet Shelf
  • Almunium 4-Cup Egg Frying
  • 24 Grid Plastic Egg Organizer
  • 4Pcs Eco-Friendly Reusable
  • 1Pcs Cutlery Storage Fork
  • Icing Piping Nozzle Set
  • Reusable Zip Lock Storage Bags
  • Rotating Butter Dish Dispenser with Lid
  • Double Pourer Spout Stoppers for Cooking
  • High-Temperature Resistant Glass Coffee Maker

The list doesn’t end here. There is much more to explore on the website and buy. There will be a noticeable increase in efficiency and comfort in your home once you start using these advanced and modern kitchen products.

Kitchen staples can be neatly stored and easily accessed with the help of storage solutions like cutlery storage forks, clear stackable pantry food storage, and refrigerator and kitchen durable storage organizer.

Incorporating these useful and aesthetically pleasing products into your routine will greatly enhance their usefulness and convenience.


Our home and kitchen products online strike a balance between simplicity, usefulness, and sophistication. Efficiency is key when it comes to managing a busy lifestyle.

  • Minimal and modern design
  • Premium quality products
  • Versatile storage solutions
  • Resistant to wear and tears
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Clutter-free living space
  • Multi-functionality and utilization
  • Easy handling and maintenance
  • Different sizes for your requirements
  • More organized kitchen countertops

Having a well-organized kitchen allows you to make the most of your available space. A well-balanced chef’s knife, innovative design of glass condiments containers, and multifunction kitchen storage all make cooking and managing kitchen chores a breeze.

Our products are designed to be held for extended periods of time without causing hand or wrist pain or discomfort. With their sleek, modern designs, these innovative kitchen products fit right in with your kitchen’s style and make your home look better overall.

Go For Modern Design Kitchen Products And Enjoy a Seamless Living Experience

The combination of robust features with user-friendly accessibility and a stylish aesthetic makes your everyday life easier and more streamlined. Take advantage of these cutting-edge upgrades to see firsthand how they may make your home seem more up-to-date and integrated.

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