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Teknum – Maternity Car Seat Belt Adjuster- Grey

169.00 AED

Sunveno – Mommy Fashion Diaper Bag – White

449.00 AED

Sunveno – Mommy Fashion Diaper Bag – Black

449.00 AED

Sunveno – Portable Baby Anti-spill Milk U Shape Pillow with Slope pad and Hip Pillow – White

449.00 AED

Stokke – JetKids CloudSleeper – White

579.00 AED

Stokke – JetKids BedBox – Black

779.00 AED

Doomoo – Nursing Air Pillow

225.00 AED

Doomoo – Mom’N Play Tetra Nursing Cape

135.00 AED

Childhome – Mommy Bag Signature Canvas

599.00 AED

Childhome – Momlife Toiletry Bag – Off White/Black

139.00 AED

Beaba – Isothermal Lunch Bag Heather grey

129.00 AED

Beaba – Babycook Express Velvet Grey

899.10 AED

A Little Lovely Company – Suitcase set of 2

119.00 AED

Okus – Original Nursing Bra Purple

79.00 AED

Okus – Original Nursing Bra Skin

79.00 AED

Okus – Original Seamless Maternity Bra Purple

79.00 AED

Okus – Original Seamless Maternity Bra Nude

79.00 AED

Okus – Original Seamless Maternity Bra Black

79.00 AED

Okus – Original Seamless Maternity Bra Pink

79.00 AED

Okus – Comfy Cotton Seamless Nursing Bra Orange

79.00 AED

Okus – Comfy Cotton Seamless Nursing Bra Coffee

79.00 AED

Okus – Seamless Nursing Bra Orange

79.00 AED

Okus – Seamless Nursing Bra Grey

79.00 AED

Okus – Seamless Nursing Bra Pink

79.00 AED

Okus – Full Cup Nursing Bra Pink

79.00 AED

Bebitza – Modal Nursing Cover

150.15 AED

Bebitza – Textured Knit Nursing Cover

150.15 AED

Mama Basic – Double Layer Maternity & Nursing Top  – Black And Gray

296.00 AED

Mama Basic – Double Layer Maternity & Nursing Top  – Navy And Cream

296.00 AED

Mama Basic – Double Layer Maternity & Nursing Dress – Cream And Navy

418.01 AED

Mama Basic – Double Layer Maternity & Nursing Dress – Grey And Black

418.01 AED

Mama Basic – Eco Leather Skirt Nursing Dress – Black And White

498.00 AED

Mama Basic – Double Layer Long Maternity & Nursing Dress

498.00 AED

Citron – 2022 Multi Purpose Bag

429.00 AED

Palmer’s – Cocoa Butter Formula Stretch Marks – 250 ml

65.37 AED

Little Story – Rotating Compatible Stroller Hooks

29.00 AED

Little Story – Insulated Bottle Bag

25.00 AED

Teknum – 2-in-1 Universal stroller Cup & Phone Holder

49.00 AED

Beaba – Babycook Solo/Duo – Pasta-Rice Basket

65.00 AED

Beaba – Babycook Solo

999.00 AED

Beaba- Babycook Neo – Pasta-Rice Basket

115.00 AED

Mommy Essentials

Motherhood, a word that might bring a feeling of relief, sooth and selflessness in your mind. But in this selflessness a lot of moms do forget that they are human first and then anything else, most of the women start putting themselves last when it comes to being taken care of, that is why you might see a lot of tiring, frustrated and super confused moms, who doesn’t even recognize themselves neither physically nor mentally. A lot of moms even start to question their credibility as a human, as a genius talented person who used to deliver a lot before becoming a mom. All these negative emotions are a result of lack of self-care. Self-care is as important as that of newborn, moms should take some time out for themselves and should treat themselves with self-love even more after delivering a baby, because that is when they need it the most.

My Home Closet believes that mothers should indulge in taking care of themselves as much as they take care of their little ones. For this very reason, we have designed a unique and wide range of mommy essentials that will provide you guidance in the journey of motherhood. Our wide range of mommy essentials has got you covered, be it self-care items or stylish accessories.

All moms are good moms and all of them deserve to feel comfortable and confident. That’s why we bring you a wide variety of maternity and nursing essentials whether you need fashionable clothing or a comfortable design to fit your body during pregnancy. We have also got you covered in terms of nursing bras and tops that will provide you with the utmost comfort and ease that you deserve. While breastfeeding, your motherhood journey will be eased with our mommy essential products. And you will be able to look and feel best throughout this journey.

Sleep deprivation is another tiring factor in a mom’s life and we totally get that. But we have sleep aids and comforting items that will give you the rest you need and make this deprivation a little less tiring for you. Be it cozy nursing pillows and soothing eye masks we have got you covered mommies. Your quality of sleep will not be compromised when you will be using our comfortable clothes and blankets.

Mommy’s life is all about organizing things for others all the time, my home store offers a practical solution for this purpose. Be it storage boxes or diaper bags. You will find all these essentials in one place. We offer stylish and functional diaper bags and caddies with multiple pockets to accommodate everything on the go. With these mommy essentials, you can stay sorted and prepared.

We have a wide range of products that will help you to stay relaxed and revived, as self-care is the key to a happy mom. We also have a bath and body collection that includes luxurious bath salts, moisturizing creme as well as perfumed candles that will make you feel like you are at a spa. Our collection also includes wellness products such as relaxation tools and oils that will help you find moments of relaxation. Baby-wearing carriers and slings play a vital role in bonding with your baby, our functional and comfortable carriers help you to keep your baby close while having your hands free. These mommy essential products help you to connect with your little one in a carefree manner.

At My Home Closet, we promote having community powers and a support system that’s why we also provide a platform to moms so that they can communicate, support each other and contribute towards the wellness of each other. We also feature blogs and articles that are being written by experts and other moms, these article covers various topics related to mommy life. Join our community and get valuable knowledge, support, and information. Being a trusted store in Dubai, we take full pride in providing high-quality mommy essentials. Our products are chosen from reliable and trusted brands that promote the well-being of moms and babies.