Ramadan Time with Family

Happy arabian family having fun at home
Happy arabian family having fun at home

Ramadan, a time of peacefulness, reflection, and prayer. It is a holy month filled with new beginnings and blessings. One of the blessings we sometimes take for granted is our family and the time we have with them. Ramadan is the perfect month to strengthen the bond you have with your family and loved ones.



We seldom find ourselves caught up in the hustle of life, going from home to work to running errands and the cycle repeats for weeks, months, and years. The time we spend with our families becomes confined to the 15 minutes in the morning before starting work or school and the 1 hour or so of lunch or dinner time.



Then comes this holy month of Ramadan to bless our time and allow us to break the cycle. With the shorter school timings and working hours, we get more time in the day to see our family and be with them. That is, of course, after spending time reading Quran and praying. Mommies, daddies, girls, and boys, take this extra time to check in on each other, ask about each other, laugh and enjoy each other’s company.



Here are 3 ways you can have fun with your family during Ramadan:



Cooking Time ?



This is not a mommy-only task, the whole family can get a piece of the fun in the kitchen. Gather together before Iftar to prepare a meal you all enjoy. Mama, the big boss, should assign roles and distribute the recipe among her assistant chefs of the day. As a family, cooking together will not only help you bond but it will also make the meal taste 10 times better.



Check out My Kitchen Closet for cooking products that can help you in the kitchen and stay tuned on our Instagram for some delicious Iftar recipes by Chef Sam!



Play Together ?



Everyone knows a good way to spend time with anyone is to start a game and watch the comedy unfold. We know how tired the mamas and papas can be before Iftar, so we have some Arts and Crafts ideas where their role is to supervise (let the kids do most of the work Haha ?). This will keep them busy and will stimulate their creativity giving you a chance to relax and watch your kids with love.



Once you’ve got your bellies stuffed and you have the energy to join the fun after Iftar, you can even add some more toys to the mix. Our collection includes a special section for the Storybook Learn Through Play toys, perfect for your child’s cognitive development.



Pamper Each Other ?



Sometimes all it takes for a family to bond is a good skincare session, and we have just the right products for that! From masks to scrubs and lotions, lay them all out and start your skincare routine, but this time each one should do it for someone else. So, your daughter would do it for you, while you do it for your son, and he does it for his father… It is a family pamper session after all ?



Grab all your skincare essentials from My Beauty & Skin Care Closet, start your pampering session and let the bonding begin!



Enjoy this Ramadan to the fullest with your family and let it be an experience to never forget for your little ones. Let us know in the comments, what you would be doing first with your family? ?

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