Self Care Checklist for Mommies

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Have you been giving all your time to your family again? Have you forgotten yourself in the process? Can you even remember the last time you really took a break?


If your answers were yes, yes, and no, then you’ve come to the right place. Consider this your mommy reminder that before being this superhero wife and mom, you are human. Do you know what humans need? Rest and relaxation!


We know that amidst the hustle and bustle of being a kicka$$ mom you may forget to set aside some alone time. But this is about to change! Bookmark this blog and use it as your weekly reminder to check off some much-needed ‘me time’ activities.


You must be thinking ‘isn’t this selfish?’ YES, yes it is dear mom… but sometimes you have to be selfish. If that seems to be too harsh of reality, let’s look at it from a different perspective. When you are relaxed and refreshed you can give more; more time, more energy, more love, to your family.


So when you take some time for yourself to recharge and feel fresh, you are actually giving yourself more ammo to continue your superhero duties with full bars. With time, you will find it easy to integrate these self-care tasks into your weekly routine, making it easier for you to recharge more often.


Our checklist is as easy as 1 2 3, some of the tips can be part of your daily lifestyle. Go through the list below and see how many you can check off for today:


? 7+ hours of sleep

Why? Because when you allow your body and brain to rest, you get rewarded with a better functioning system from head to toe. If machines need to be shut down every once in a while, don’t you think we should too…


??‍♀️ Meditate

Why? To be able to ward off any negative energy and focus on the positives. This could also be a fun family activity!


? Exercise

Why? Maintaining a good exercise routine can help you be more energetic throughout the day.


? Read a book

Why? To add a little more fun to your daily routine by keeping your brain active and immersing yourself in a literary adventure. This could also instill the value of reading in your kids, win-win!


? Eat Healthily

Why? Good food = Good mood and a Happy Wife = Happy Life… need I say more!


? Drink More Water

Why? Keeping yourself hydrated can do wonders for your skin in addition to the benefits it holds on your organs. The real question is… Why not?!


If you are still not convinced, I’ll leave you with this: do you know what your kids want the most? They don’t want that new toy or money… they want YOU! They want to see you happy and healthy, so take care of yourself for them and for you ?

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