Sunveno Baby Mattress Protector Multipurpose Mat


Sunveno Baby Mattress Protector is a super absorbent, waterproof mat. This baby play mat has elastic strap at the back of it to attach to the baby mattress. Easy to use on the pram or stroller for making the baby feel comfortable. Perfect to use in night as a bed cover while toilet training.

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Product Features:
  • The special mesh design in Sunveno Baby Mat is made of five layers of specialized materials to make it super absorbent and waterproof.
  • The mesh like structures lock the water and doesn?t let it leak further.
  • Easily Machine Washable
  • The baby mat is made from a special fiber derived from Sarcandara Glabra Fiber, 100% organic to be super soft for skin.
  • Good to use for elderly, mums, baby bedding or stroller.


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