SUNVENO Baby Pillow


Sunveno Baby pillow is designed in such a way for your baby that it provides extra comfort like utro-feel while he/she sleeps and ensures that the head shape is maintained. As baby heads are soft and malleable, SUNVENO pillow is filled with Polymer Hose. This material is soft and has anti-flat head properties. The dry-cool technology never allows baby head to be hot. The high quality material is soft and clean, especially for the sensitive skin.

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Product Features:
  • Beyond safe, your little angel is now sleeping safely with the pillow, which means YOU are sleeping better!
  • Filling with High Polymer Hose, to maintain the baby’s head shape and never allow him/her to feel hot.
  • The outer material is breathable mesh and organic cotton, soft and clean touch to baby’s sensitive skin.
  • Perfect size for the baby to sleep and rest from 0 to 3 years of age.
Product Specifications:
  • Size: 14.5*8.3in (370mm*210mm), Height: 0.8-1.9in (20-50mm)
  • Outer material: Mesh cloth
  • Filling material: Polymer Hose
  • Back material: Cotton
  • Suitable age: 0-3 years kids
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