SUNVENO Ergonomic Baby Carrier Sling – Grey Cotton


Sunveno ergonomic all-season baby carrier is soft, cosy, breathable, and parent friendly. This baby carrier has a soft base to make your baby sit comfortably allowing little ones to sit in the ‘M’ or ‘froggy’ position. Designed to disperse the baby weight between the shoulder straps, waist belt, so that you never feel tired. This breathable carrier comes in beautiful designs which makes it a choice when you want the cocktail of comfort, usability, and style.

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Product Features:
  • Prevent O-Legs.
  • Easy to carry and wear. Two sides open in the front allow for easy movement of the baby.
  • Ergonomic, divides the weight perfectly. Good for both baby and mum.
  • Cool and breathable material.
  • Light weight and cozy.
Product Specifications:
  • Suitable for 0-12 months baby
  • Load Bearing: 20KG
  • Material: 100% Cotton



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