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When comfort and style come hand in hand, this feeding pillow is the best choice you will make as a new parent! This is a carefully designed accessory for new mums, whether the baby is breastfed or bottle fed, this provides you total comfort, ease and support during those precious moments. This rectangle shaped feeding pillow comes with a space which can easily fit around your waist to give the perfect posture to help the baby latch perfectly while you avoid any back pain.

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Product Features:
  • Made using 100% pure organic cotton, the finest stitching material for the long life of the product.
  • Portable, washable, and detachable with a convenient hidden zipper.
  • Best for the tummy time and teaching baby to learn to sit.
  • Helps the baby to ‘latch-on’ correctly and to enhance the feeding experience and bond between mummy and baby.
  • Prevents back pain and maintains posture of the spine while you feed your baby.
  • Offers appropriate and comfortable posture to your baby, reducing swallowing and gastric re-flux issues.
  • A firm surface takes baby’s weight off your arms so no more shoulder, neck or arm aches.
  • Use it for sitting support for the baby when he is mastering the art of the proper posture.
  • Lovely jungle, giraffe, and stripped themes which makes it more interesting for the baby and mum.



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