Alameda Rotating Compatible Stroller Hooks


Alameda Compatible Stroller Hook by Sam Box is the secret to carrying your bags, pushing your stroller, and attending to your children, all at the same time, without losing control! These Robust stroller hooks have 360? swirll which makes them unique and durable. With this durable, easy-to-attach, multi-tasking stroller hook set, you can make your outings enjoyable.

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Product Features:
  • Sturdy hooks set to lighten your load and boost your stroller storage space, a good way to relax your hands.
  • This stroller bag hook swivels at 360 degrees, giving you easy access to anything you need. Whether you?re reaching into the diaper bag for a snack for the kids or getting a sip of water, these hooks keep what you need close at hand.
  • Just slide the velcro strap around your stroller handle and pull the stroller hook into a secure position.



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