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Take Care of YOU! Top 5 Skincare Products for Every Mummy’s Pampering Session


Mom; the caregiver and founding stone of the family – Take a break, I repeat, take a break…


Take a break from putting everyone else but yourself first, take a break from running around making sure everyone is well-fed and happy and forgetting yourself, and take a break from forgetting to take care of YOU!


Sounds familiar? Then keep reading, because this one is for you!


Being a mom is a full-time never-ending job that brings us so much joy. Although we can’t exactly take a 2-week leave, we can try to book some ‘me time’ with ourselves every now and then. We want to help you achieve that.


As a mom, you find yourself more than capable of making everyone feel relaxed and happy, yet you neglect your self-care. This month let’s start a new routine where we dedicate one day each month to our self-care. This could be in the form of extra sleep, comfort food, working out, meeting with friends, or even a pampering session with some relaxing music!


Pick something that brings you joy and helps your wandering mind to take a step back and hit pause on life’s demanding responsibilities. Set a date with yourself each month and maintain that routine. You will notice a tremendous increase in your happiness, energy, and mental wellbeing.


For our mommies who love to pamper themselves, we have just the right products for your self-love date this month.


1- Innisfree Green Tea Collection

From eye cream to serums and foam, we have a full collection of Green Tea Facial products by Innisfree. These can help rejuvenate your skin, keeping you looking fresh and feeling beautiful.


2- Aesop Collection

For your scrubbing and exfoliating we have the best Aesop collection that works like a charm and gives you an incredible smell. If you can work this into your weekly routine your skin will be thanking you ?


3- 4 in 1 Face Brush

This tool can be very helpful at home and while you’re away. It is compact and provides 4 functions in one handy tool. Using this face brush, you can massage your skin and remove the facial masks you apply once you’re done. This can be added to your daily skincare morning routine!


4- Amla Hair Oil

Don’t forget your hair treatment, using this Amla Hair Oil by Khadi Organique will bring new life into your hair. Using it regularly can provide you with strong root hair and reduced split ends.


5- Miracle Repair Treatment

Say bye to frizzy and damaged hair, incorporate this into your weekly or monthly self-care day and watch your hair become shinier and healthier. This Miracle Repair Treatment fill the gaps of the cuticle layer in hair with protein and deliver moisture and nourishment


These products and many more are all available in The Beauty & Skin Care Closet.


If skincare is not your escape, try different activities until you find the sweet spot that helps you unwind. The important thing is that you make time for yourself and to take care of you just like you do with others.


We would love to hear back from our mom community, leave us a comment below on your escape activity and how you take care of YOU! ?

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