The Big Mommy Milestones

The Big Mommy Milestones(1)
The Big Mommy Milestones(1)

We go through many milestones throughout our lives that define our character and set the path for our future. One might say, women go through the biggest milestones and the most beautiful ones. We encourage all women to pursue their dreams and set their own goals for what they envision for their life.


Milestones could be different for each person depending on what they consider to be a huge accomplishment for them. Today, we want to shed light on some of the amazing and inspiring milestones we go through after marriage; the beautiful life of creating a family with your life partner from dressing in white to changing diapers, and more!


Milestones Before the Baby


  • Settling in your new home

This is a huge step for any new bride or groom. Moving from your childhood home to a new house of your own, or switching from a life of independence to a commitment with your partner for life.

The hassle of finishing up the house and getting the home accessories and necessities may blind you at first, but that first step you take at your new home makes it all official.


  • Cooking the first meal

This may hit different for ladies who were already in charge of cooking before marriage and the those who are starting to learn it for the new home. Regardless, that first meal you cook at your new home has a fresh feeling that feels like you have made it to a new level and chapter of your life.

The first time you sit down with your spouse on your newly purchased dining table solidifies the new change.


  • First date night after the wedding

Who says romance is dead? Ladies, remember, just because the wedding is over doesn’t mean the dates have to stop.

Heading out for a date night with your husband feels completely different. You get to flaunt your wifey and hubby nicknames around and keep that spark between you too going for a lifetime to come.


  • Finding out you’re pregnant

The long-awaited moment of becoming a mother! No one can prepare you for the sheer joy you will feel when you find out you have a little baby on the way. To some, it may be the most important milestone of their lives.

With this, you really do level up to a new stage of your life that prepares you to become more reliable, smart, and loving. Check out what you should expect when you’re expecting!


  • Finishing up the baby’s room

If you thought setting up the house was fun, wait until you have to set up the baby’s room. Choosing the wall colors, the toys, and even stocking up on baby clothes while imagining how small their little feet and arms will be.

Once you see it all complete, you’ll surely shed a tear or two… or maybe even a full-on cry with happiness.


Milestone After the Baby


  • First smile

No mom was ever able to contain her happiness when she saw her baby’s first smile. Any pain or agony you’ve been through will all be washed away with the sight of that first smile.


  • First word

It is truly a beautiful moment hearing your little angel speak his/her first word, even if it was gibberish. Although, all moms wait to hear ‘mama’, expect their first word to be anything random they hear a lot or ‘dada’… it’s okay we will let daddy have a win this time!


  • First step

We all feel very proud of any baby taking their first step, now imagine your own baby finding the courage and strength to stand up and step forward on their own. Truly a joyous moment you will never forget.


  • First solid meal

Sometimes this milestone is a sign of trouble because this only means that the diapers are about to get stinkier! Despite that giving your baby their first solid mean feels like an accomplishment, a great one at that.


  • Growing tall

Keeping track of your little one’s height on a chart is a great way to hold on to the memory of how small they were and how fast they are growing up. Although, you must prepare yourself for the moment when you will no longer be taking their height measurement. But don’t fret, there will be other milestones to look forward to by then.


  • First day of school

Sending them off on their first day of school is a bittersweet experience. On the one hand, you are happy for them to be reaching this step but on the other hand, you will miss them keeping you company in the house. From here the milestones will only keep coming on coming…


Make sure you have a record of all these beautiful moments. We live in a digital world now where you can capture and keep everything. Snap a photo or shoot a video of those sweet moments, we guarantee you will want to look back on them for years to come.


Another great idea, is to create a yearbook logging every happy moment, every new goal accomplished, and every family portrait yearly. This will make for a wonderful gift to your grandkids, your kids, and yourself to see how far you’ve come and how many milestones you’ve hit.


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