Tips on Organizing your Kitchen with Houda, @EspacePerdu!

kitchen organize blog
kitchen organize blog

No longer should you feel like your kitchen is a chaotic mess. No longer will you keep losing your spices and kitchen utensils. We are bringing you fruitful tips and insights about kitchen organizing from Houda, an architect by profession, who is currently pursuing her passion for décor styling, home organizing, and improvements.


Houda is known on Instagram as @EspacePerdu, which is a French term meaning ‘the lost space’ or taking advantage of the dead space in your house. Her career in home styling and improvements was fuelled by her strong passion for colours and tidy spaces. She specializes in making houses more beautiful and turning them into homes that are both elegant, true to the owner’s character, and organized.


At My Home Closet, we understand how difficult it could be to maintain a neat kitchen while also keeping the kids entertained, fed, and making sure the house is ready to receive guests at all times. Houda is here to help guide you on the best ways to avoid having your kitchen turn into a hazardous space!


First and foremost, Houda reaffirms all housewives that a messy kitchen is never their fault, “Some kitchens can be a disaster at times, but the housewives are not to be blamed. They simply need to be guided to find the right ways and quick fixes that can help them have an organized kitchen whenever.”


Houda explains that with most kitchens the problem lies in the clutter. “Cluttering can happen due to several things; overstocking is the major cause of clutter anywhere not just the kitchen”. This can be easily avoided, simply check exactly what your kitchen needs and only buy products that fit your need.


Some houses could have relatively small kitchens which could be a nightmare for some housewives. Trying to keep a small kitchen organized is like trying to get your new-born to sleep without his/her pacifier… a nightmare! “A good strategy that works with a small kitchen is to have dedicated spaces in your kitchen for the necessary items and only keeping what is valuable and needed.”


“Having an organized kitchen doesn’t mean buying new things, it is all about organizing the space you have whether it is new or old.” This can boost your mood and help you become more focused on the task at hand. Houda says, “When my kitchen is not organized then my brain is cluttered. To be able to cook with love and passion you should have a space that brings you peace.”


Tips on Organizing Your Kitchen

  • Zoning, zoning, zoning! Houda is a firm believer in the magic of creating zones: “Zoning is vital anywhere in the house and especially in the kitchen, it’s the key to a well-organized kitchen.”
    • For example, the cutleryies always create a jingle-jangle mess in the drawers. You can organize them in a divided rack so you can have the spoons on one side then the forks, then knives and so on. The same could be applied to anything that comes in quantities.
  • Do NOT leave the products in their bags, have dedicated containers for each product and keep them in it instead. “You can get new containers for it, or you can re-use other containers, as long as you adopt a mono-style, so your kitchen looks cohesive.”
    • When the quantity doesn’t fit in the container you have, Houda advises that you keep the extra parts in the bag and store them in a safe space. “For example, you can have extra spices in the bag, safely close the bag with a bag seal and keep it on a top shelf or a spot that is not used daily.”
  • Put a label on it! “This method is especially useful when you have multiple types of the same product, you would need to label them to differentiate between them easily.”
  • Levelling – utilize the space and maximize the advantage you have of the counter and shelves. “I always like to have levels in my kitchen, for example, the pans could be stacked and organized by levels. The same goes for the spice rack, you can have lines of spices on different vertical levels so you can easily grab and read the labels.” Houda explains.
  • Always use trays on countertops! “I constantly repeat this to my clients, the kitchen just looks much neater and more elegant when items are grouped on a tray rather than being laid out separately.” You can have the coffee equipment on the same tray on the countertop with a vase and flower for extra chic points.


Every week go into your kitchen with a critical eye and make sure everything is in its right place. This will help you stay on top of your game throughout the year and also encourage you to keep your kitchen a haven for when you need to put on your chef hat.


Let us know how these tips have helped you in the comments below. For more tips and inspirations, you can find Houda on Instagram @EspacePerdu. Also, check the plethora of kitchen products that can help with your organizing adventure in our Kitchen and Home pages of our website, place your order, and get organizing today!

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