Valentine’s Day – Love Goes Beyond

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valentine's day

I Love You – 3 simple words that transcend time, generations, and genders! Love is the strongest emotion humans can experience. On this day every year, we are reminded of those we love and those who love us. It’s a chance for us to reignite the passion we have in our relationships with those around us.


Over the years Valentine’s Day became an exclusive occasion for couples, despite the true meaning behind Saint Valentine’s Day! Surprisingly, Feb 14 marked the commemoration of the martyrdom of 2 Saints in Ancient Rome, both named Valentine. These men were executed by Emperor Claudius II for defying his orders and working against his ruling. While one of the stories relates to love the other is purely political.


Nevertheless, in this era, Valentine’s Day stands for Love and all that it has to offer! We want to bring back the true meaning of love, as it shouldn’t be an exclusive celebration for couples. The first-ever feeling of love humans experience is the unconditional love between a mother and her new-born – be it a girl or a boy. Second, we have the love of a father to his kid and vice versa. Followed by the love we share with our friends and so on. All these instances of love truly stand the test of time, so how can we not celebrate them!


Love – 1 word, 4 letters, rich meanings! One of the purest meaning of love is to be unconditionally accepting of the other person and to give them everything you have without asking for anything in return. Other definitions of love include showing respect, loyalty, patience, and excitement. In addition to the occasional compromise that ensures the happiness of the other party, which is achieved through open and honest communication.


No matter how you choose to define love, it is unarguably there and, in some instances, it guides our actions and thoughts as we steer through life. Expressing that love you have for your loved ones is how you externalize the strong emotion you have built up in your heart. The words you use and actions you choose to show your circle are the building blocks and foundation to the continuity and strength of your relationships.


The beauty of life is in our differences, and one of the most beautiful things is how people choose to express their love. While there are mainstream ways, we can identify on how people show their love, there are various other ways that are exclusive to certain people’s creativity and passion. Some might choose to buy a present, a flower bouquet, or chocolates, while others may express it through poetry, kind words, sentimental handmade items, or even daily hugs.


Love doesn’t have an expiry date nor does it have a deadline, you don’t need to wait 365 days a year to start showing your love and admiration to someone. You have every single day of the year to let those around you know that you love them. Nonetheless, it is exciting to have those special days throughout the year where we can make our favourite people feel extra loved. Valentine’s Day is the biggest of them all since it is all about love and nothing else. Other days include birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, milestones and more!


February 14 – the day of LOVE! Today, your main goal should be spending time with those who hold a special place in your heart. Kiss your mum, hug your kids, check-in on your friends and family members, spread the love among your circle and you’ll surely get the love back. Explore our collection of products which could make for a special gift for the beloved people in your life; skincare, mummy essentials, kitchen must-haves, toys for the little angels, home décor.


In a nutshell, we can’t live without loving and we can’t live without feeling loved. Love makes the world go round and it fuels us to be better and do good. Keep loving and continue spreading love wherever you go. Lastly, we are curious to know, what does love mean to YOU?

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