What to Expect When You’re Expecting

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Pregnancy blog Image

Pregnancy, the miracle of life! Almost every woman dreams of the day she’ll have a bun in the oven. As exciting as it is, you should know that it comes with huge life changes. We believe that every woman should have a clear understanding of what happens during pregnancy to avoid surprises.


There are common changes that we can all observe and are aware of, like the increase in overall body weight and the beautiful belly that hosts the child. However, other changes occur during pregnancy which are not pleasant.


This is for you, to know all about what you should expect to happen when you’re expecting. These effects might not all happen to you, because every pregnancy is unique and we might not all experience the same thing. Additionally, some of us could have the ability to withstand and tolerate some symptoms that others may not be able to.


Here is what you can expect during your pregnancy:


  • Hormonal changes

As your body adapts to the new conditions, it tends to observe a few changes in the hormones which might affect your mood and needs. These changes can be very sudden, you may not understand why you are feeling the way you are, but just know that it is normal.


  • Alterations in your body shape

Apart from your belly getting bigger, your internal organs start to shift around to make space for your expanding womb, which may cause you to feel uneasy. As your belly grows, your body will also get bigger to assist in carrying the baby’s weight.


  • Back Pains

The growth of your belly will begin to push on your spine, and as the weight you’re carrying increases, the pressure on your back increases causing you to experience back pains. Resting and laying down on your back can help alleviate the pain.


  • Acid Reflux

As your stomach becomes compressed, digestion becomes slightly difficult. You should expect to feel some heartburn and acid reflux occasionally.


  • Fading Energy

The most common change that nearly all women experience is a drop in energy and focus. Your body tends to use its energy reserves to keep its organs going and to maintain your baby’s health and growth. This means you are left with very little energy to power through.


Don’t fret or worry, there are some positives to pregnancy as well as ways to help ease you through the pregnancy phases and side effects. Here is how your pregnancy can become the best time of your life:


  • Family support

Remember that your husband and family are around you, don’t feel shy or embarrassed to ask for help when you need it. Their love and attention will help you get through any difficult obstacles.


  • Preparations around the house

When you engulf yourself with the joyful moments of preparing the house with baby products all the pain will be replaced with excitement. Getting the nursery room ready and stocking up on baby clothes will surely warm your heart.


  • Medical checkups

This is an important step. Make sure you are getting your regular checkups with your doctor so you are aware of the changes your baby is going through. Getting that kind of relief from a professional will have you resting easily.


  • Exercise and Good food

Since your baby gets his/her vitamins directly from you, it is up to you to replenish the vitamins by consuming healthy and nutrient-rich food enough for you and the baby. Exercising can help you maintain your energy levels, strengthen your muscles, and keep your body alert.



The best part of the day! And while you’re pregnant, sleeping 12 hours a day becomes the norm. Make sure you get enough sleep and enjoy every minute of it because it helps you feel more rested.


And the most important point of all, you’ll have a little angel who will smile at you and give you warmth and love you’ve never experienced before. That first look after your 9-month journey makes it all worthwhile!


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