Women Empowerment: Meet our Favourite Dubai Boss Ladies!

Women. The backbone of our society, the sturdy foundation in every family, and the world’s better half. March 8th marks World Women’s Day, where we celebrate the females of the world for the great contributions they have made and continue to make.


We learn our courage, resilience, and passion from women in our lives. From the gentle touch of our mothers, giving us the passion we need to persevere, to the tender friendships and relationships we have with our daughters, sisters, friends, and cousins, who show us day in and day out what it means to be brave and determined.


On Women’s Day, we would like to honor and thank all mothers who have happily given their time, energy, and years to nurture generations of people. We also want to salute the single ladies of all ages who are being productive members of society as well as wonderful friends who listen and support others. Last but certainly not least, a round of applause to the boss ladies who are killing it in the corporate world!


As women, we should be raising each other and celebrating each other’s wins. No matter what you set your goal to, you should have enough faith in yourself to know that you are strong enough to achieve it and go beyond. Women are the real superheroes in this world (sorry Marvel and DC), they can be housewives, mothers, businesswomen, artists, chefs, doctors, engineers, and the list goes on.


When given the right tools, resources, platform, and chance to shine, they will rise to the occasion and dazzle the world. The UAE, specifically Dubai, offers women great opportunities to pursue their dreams and passion from education to the workplace.


At MHC, we love and support women in business, so we wanted to take this opportunity to shed light on the Dubai boss ladies who deserve recognition for their efforts.

Meet Dubai’s Boss Ladies

Maryam Allouz

Resilient wife, mother, and a business lady who has successfully founded 2 businesses. First, she founded My Home Closet in 2020 as a way to bring quality mother and baby products to the UAE. Then she launched her own brand, aiia, where she offers quality and safe baby products like bibs, feeding sets, and blankets.

My Home Closet:


Sara Al Saadi

Sara has a wide experience in business, she worked in leading roles for over 12 years in both private and government sectors. Sara has a Business degree and a Master’s in Science education. Her main Ph.D. research topic currently is “Community engagement and its impact on societal well-being in Dubai, United Arab Emirates”.

Sara spends significant time on self-development, reading, and researching topics in psychology and community engagement. She is also a social media educator and hosts a show called ”The community platform” where different topics are discussed with specialists such as Doctors and educators.

As an educator, Sara specializes in creating learning through play material and products for schools and nurseries to enhance the learning experience for children. She founded her company; Storybook, in May of 2019. Storybook: Learn through play, offers a series of programs, sessions/activities, and products that are devoted to the creativity, emotional intelligence, reading, physical, and social development of children.

As a hobby, Sara enjoys sports activities such as boxing, OCR, running, hiking, and weightlifting


Heba and Sarah

Coming from an educator’s background, Heba and Sarah believe in “Learning through play” and after observing their own children play with other brands of tiles, they decided to create their own version with features that were lacking; stronger magnets, scratch resistance, simpler design, and affordable price.

Their main passion is sparking creativity, which is stated in their slogan “To Creativity and Beyond”. Heba and Sara founded their company, Simply Toys, in July of 2020 with only two of us, and by the end of 2021, we became a team of 6 employees in both UAE & Egypt who share the same vision and mission.

Simply Toys:

Samina Abdul Jabbar

A caring mother who doesn’t rest until she provides her family with the safest and economically friendly products. Her care for the environment and her son drove her to create her very own baby products. She founded ‘Myna Box’, where she offers like-minded mothers specially made plates. The plates were designed and inspected by her 4-year-old boy. Her products, made from bamboo, are bridging the need in the market for products that are eco-friendly and organically harvested.

Myna Box:


Meet this determined woman who advocates for a greener and more sustainable future. Ella always shops for organic products that are both good for her and the environment. She has a wealth of knowledge in hair care, skincare, and conscious shopping. When she arrived in Dubai, she noticed the lack of organic and sustainable products in the market, especially in the skincare industry. So, she founded Elluna Organic Beauty, where she offers sustainable and natural products ranging from skincare and halal nail polish to period panties and organic clothing. Her main goal is to educate women in the region about the importance of choosing the right products for their overall well-being.

Elluna Organic Beauty:


Liberty is a strong and independent woman who always turns to nature for healing. She understands that the connection we have with our nature is important for our wellness. Liberty had chronic UTIs and BV that were always treated with antibiotics over and over again. She came across womb steaming and immediately reaped the benefits of this ancient practice. This inspired her to learn how to make herbal blends and the protocols to help other women with this natural healing option. Soon after, she launched her business, She Is Liberty, to help women in the UAE become the best versions of themselves through natural practices.

She is Liberty:

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