Your Checklist Before Giving Birth

Your Checklist Before Giving Birth
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A new family member is joining your home and you need to be ready to welcome him/her to the world. If you’re been wondering if you’ve covered all your basis or not, worry no more, we got you! We understand how nervous you may be and we are here to help ease the process.


For nine months you’ve been taking care of this little one through good nutrition, exercise and routine check-ups with your doctor. You must continue this care especially after he/she comes out of the oven . We’ve already covered the importance of baby-proofing your house and the best products and tips to follow, check it out.


Our first tip for any new mom out there is to make lists! No matter how sharp you are, making a list is one of the most helpful methods that can help you remember everything you need to do and stay on track of your list of tasks to complete. Also making a list can help you remember things you may have forgotten.


Another helpful advice we would like to share is the benefit of asking friends and family for help. Never underestimate the power of friends and family when it comes to providing support. A quick call to your mom might be just what you need to calm your nerves and help put your mind on the right track. After all, mother knows best, right?


Grab a pen and paper and let’s start filling out this list!


1- Get a baby crib

This could be a task for the last few months of your pregnancy, although it’s never too early to start shopping for your baby’s crib and look out for dimensions that match the nursery in your home. Keep in mind the height of the crib and any accessories that could help you keep your baby soothed and calm in his little room. Also, invest in a portable baby bed which could be useful for when you want to be on the go but the baby is a little drowsy.


2- Changing station

A changing station will be one of the most helpful products to get. Having a portable station where you can easily change your baby’s diaper with everything at hands reach, especially the baby because the last thing you want after giving birth is to be hunched of a bed changing diapers. The station should be able to hold diapers, wipes, cream, sanitizers, extra clothes for your baby, and of course the baby! For when you’re on the go, consider having a portable mommy bag with all the essentials or a diaper bag.


3- Diapers and Wipes

Speaking of changing your baby, stock up on some diapers, wipes, rash cream, and sanitizers so you are prepared from the get-go. It won’t hurt to have a stock at home that you can also grab with you to the hospital for the first few days after birth. Keep in mind the baby’s size when you buy your diapers to avoid getting ones that are too small for their waists.


4- Cute baby clothes

One of the joys of pregnancy is shopping at the baby section, looking at all those cute mini-size onesies and socks. We would advise that you have a few baby clothes already ready at your disposal. For the first few months, the first thing your baby needs to feel comfortable and warm, just like he felt in the womb. While a blanket can cover the body, the head stays mostly exposed, we would advise getting a Newborn Headband which some with a cute little bow. Also, check out our Newborn Baby Slippers, these can be very helpful in winter as they keep their little feet warm, not to mention how stylish they look!


5- Blankets and sleeping covers

Warmth is very important because it helps the baby feel safe and protected. To achieve that you might want to consider getting cotton sleeping blanket to wrap him/her in during naps and night sleeps. A sleeping bag envelope could be a great pairing with the blanket for extra warmth. If you’re looking for something that is less restricting for his/her movement and a simple cover, you can go for a simple blanket cover but make sure it is cotton which is soft to the touch and won’t irritate their skin.


6- Feeding supplies

As soon as the baby is out you will need to start the feeding process, whether you choose to breastfeed or opt for the formula, you need to have the right supplies. For breastfeeding, an adjustable nursing pillow will be perfect for you and your baby, as it will support his/her head and body and keep them in a comfortable position which will help in the feeding process. Apart from that, a few products to consider are nipple cream, burp cloth, and a looot of water for you stay hydrated!


7- Baby book

This may not be as essential as the rest but it is a cute way to capture all the precious memories and have them to cherish forever. A simple binder could do the trick but these days there are so

many options for baby books which have sections to keep their hospital bracelet, first hair strand, first photo, and many other moments that you will want to remember.


8- Pick a paediatrician

Don’t leave this till the last minute, you should have a paediatrician you trust to keep your baby safe and healthy. Ask your other mommy friends or check out forums and mommy groups for the best doctors in your area. Make sure they are qualified and perhaps have a chat with them, if possible, to make sure you are comfortable with them.


9- Pack your bags

The chances of early birth are more common than you think, so to avoid a rushed visit to the hospital with no clothes, have a bag packed and ready. This should have a change of clothes for you and a few outfits for your baby, in addition to the baby book, a camera, diapers, wipes, and baby blanket.


10- Freeze meals

Yes! Have a few meals ready in the freezer to be heated. In the first few months after birth, the last thing you will need is having to be in the kitchen cooking for your lunch or dinner. So, having a few meals ready in the fridge to be heated is such a life-saving tip!

You can add more to the list as you see fit for your process. The last few months of the pregnancy will be the most exciting ones but also at times the most stressful, however, remember that it will all be worth it and always seek help from your loved ones. We hope you have a wonderful pregnancy and a very exciting and rewarding lifetime with your little angel.


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